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The Texas Permanency Outcomes Project

The Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (TXPOP) develops sustainable best practices utilized by child welfare agencies across Texas to connect children to their families, regardless of their permanency outcome. TXPOP is a project of the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing and the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies, in collaboration with the federal Children’s Bureau, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and the Children’s Commission.

Our Vision

TXPOP is building shared power with children and families to reinvent foster care.

Our Mission

TXPOP is refocusing practice, strengthening the workforce, and transforming how systems treat families within foster care.

Reinventing the Texas Foster System Through:


TXPOP developed and is currently testing a practice model for public and private child welfare agencies in Texas to use to engage children and their families in achieving positive permanency outcomes. This model encourages professionals to approach their work and interactions with others from a nonjudgemental stance with a goal of sharing power with families.


TXPOP will provide trainings and support to professionals working in child welfare with the development of a professional certificate in child welfare from the Steve Hicks School of Social Work. TXPOP is also developing a multimedia campaign for caregivers on how to engage families and ensure that the child’s voice is at the heart of the work.


TXPOP engages the system on the statewide and local levels by asking key stakeholders to meaningfully contribute to the work. Our stakeholder groups include individuals representing the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), CASA, the courts, child care licensing, parents, foster caregivers, and youth formerly in foster care, among others. Stakeholder groups meet regularly to provide feedback and spread the word about our work throughout their networks.


Find out how TXPOP was developed and  our plan for transforming the system to share power with families

Download the TXPOP 1-pager here.

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