caregiver tools


Family/Caregiver Introduction is a tool that the caregiver completes where they provide specific information about who they are and what their home is like. This tool helps children learn about the people they will be staying with while they are in care. The tool can be shared with the child’s parents so they have information about who is caring for their child.


Personal Support Plan is an action plan for youth who demonstrate challenging behaviors such as being defiant, running away, using drugs or alcohol, self-harm, suicidal ideation and aggressive behaviors. There is a worksheet that helps you guide the family and youth through this process.

The Future House is a tool that helps caregivers think about their family’s future and identify specific steps to reach their goals. It can be used to help caregivers identify and manage struggles or it can be used proactively to think about what they want their home to be like.


Network Circles is a tool used to help caregivers think through how to begin identifying who could be a part of their support network. The tool consists of three concentric circles that the caregiver uses to categorize who is in their network, who they want to add to their network, and who they don’t want in their network.

Caregiver Rigorous Plans is a tool for the whole family and support network to discuss and address worries and family stress and increase safety in the home. This tool helps the caregiver create an action plan for everyone to stay safe by identifying triggers and what steps they can take any time the family faces a stressful or dangerous situation.

Caregiver Words and Pictures Plan is a tool to help younger children understand the most important aspects of the Caregiver Rigorous Plan including the key rules. The Caregiver Rigorous Plan is used to create the Caregiver Words and Picture Plan, children can share their ideas on what they think should be included in this tool.

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