Hear From Our TXPOP Region 2 Site Coordinator

 We sat down with Will Meiron to learn more about his work with TXPOP. Mr. Meiron serves as a TXPOP site coordinator at 2INgage, our Region 2 pilot site. The interview below has been edited and condensed for clarity.


What are you responsible for in your role as TXPOP Site Coordinator?
I work with 2INgage to help roll out TXPOP across Region 2. Additionally, with 2INgage I am responsible for community engagement specifically in the rural counties.
Why are you excited to implement TXPOP at your organization?
Having been in child welfare for several years, I am excited to see a focus on empowering parents with children in the system. I feel that so often parents and other family members have their knowledge of their family pulled away in the process of trying to protect the children. The TXPOP model helps keep the parents involved and pull in other members, or fictive family, to keep the kids safe and provide wraparound support after 2INgage is no longer involved.
What exciting changes have you already seen in your organization since implementing TXPOP?
I have been very excited to see the agency and agency leadership excited to embrace the TXPOP model. Additionally, it has helped some workers see that child safety is not just completed services, but family knowledge and future wraparound support.

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