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Region 11 Local Advisory Group


The Local Advisory Groups are a partnership between various important child welfare stakeholders in each TXPOP Pilot site region. We have identified Local Advisory Groups for each site and these include regional DFPS leadership, childcare licensing staff, judicial representatives, parent, foster parent and former foster youth representatives. The local advisory group works together to champion TXPOP in their region.

Our Current Region 11 Local Advisory Group


TXPOP is working very closely with Giocosa Foster Care & Adoption Services in XX, Texas to bring together important child welfare stakeholders in Region 11.  They have played a big role in building community support and awareness.  This group meets quarterly to discuss and provide feedback on various parts of the TXPOP project. 

Denise Barrera, CPS Program Administrator, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services 

Leroy Berrones Soto, Youth Representative  

Hon. James E. Belton, Associate Judge, Child Protection Court–Rio Grande Valley East

Toni Cantu, District Director Child Care Licensing, Health and Human Services Commission  

Jackie Church, Attorney – Family Law

Heather Cornet, CPS Systems Improvement Specialist, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Lisa Edwards, Founder and President, Circles of Care 

Gustavo Garcia, Parent

Nathan Gauldin, Policy Analyst, Office of Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Gabrielle Howard, Legislative Assistant and Digital Director, Office of Congressman Filemon Vela,  Jr.

Hillary Jackson, Program Director, Foster Angels of South Texas

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., District 27, Texas State Senate  

Dora Martinez, Executive Director, Cameron County CASA  

Janet McGee, President and Cofounder, Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention Initiative

Tara O’Connell, CPS Regional Director Region 6, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Monica Rodriguez, Texas Tropical Behavioral Health

Maribel Roldan, Attorney – Family Law

Edward Sandoval, Cameron County Attorney 

Congressman Filemon Vela, Jr., 34th Congressional District of Texas, U.S. House of Representatives

Rosalinda Ybarra, Foster Parent Representative  

How do I get involved with the Region 11 Local Advisory Group?

If you are interested in getting involved, please email TXPOP Engagement Lead, Megan Ransom @


TXPOP engages the system on the statewide and local levels by asking key stakeholders to meaningfully contribute to the work. Members of these groups include DFPS, the courts, child care licensing, parents, foster parents, former foster youth, and CASA among others. These stakeholder groups meet regularly to weigh- in on important aspects of our work and to spread the word throughout their networks.

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