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Local Advisory Groups


The Local Advisory Groups are a partnership between various important child welfare stakeholders in each TXPOP Pilot site region. We have identified Local Advisory Groups for each site and these include regional DFPS leadership, childcare licensing staff, judicial representatives, parent, foster parent and former foster youth representatives. The local advisory group works together to champion TXPOP in their region.

Who is on the Local Advisory Groups? 

Provider Representative 

CPS Regional Director

CPS Local Systems Improvement Specialist 

CPS CBC Oversight Manager

Local Judge

Local/County Attorney

Children’s Attorney

Parents’ Attorney

Local CASA Representative

Congressional/Legislative offices

Birth Parent Representative
Youth Representative
Foster Parent Representative 
Community Member
Local Mental Health Authority Representative
Faith Community Representative
School District Foster Care Liaison
County Child Welfare Board Representative

Where are these Local Advisory Groups? 

TXPOP is currently piloting it’s Practice Model and Child Welfare Academy in DFPS Region 2, DFPS Region 6 and DFPS Region 11, for that reason we have formed 3 active local advisory groups in these regions. To learn more about each of them click below: 

Region 2 Local Advisory Group 

Region 6 Local Advisory Group

Region 11 Local Advisory Group 

How do I get involved with my Local Advisory Group?

If you are interested in getting involved please email TXPOP Engagement Lead, Megan Ransom at Mransom@tacfs.org


TXPOP engages the system on the statewide and local levels by asking key stakeholders to meaningfully contribute to the work. Members of these groups include DFPS, the courts, child care licensing, parents, foster parents, former foster youth, and CASA among others. These stakeholder groups meet regularly to weigh- in on important aspects of our work and to spread the word throughout their networks.

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