Compassionate Caregivers Peer Mentoring Program

Caregivers can best help children in their care thrive by building a supportive network around the child’s whole family. Establishing a compassionate relationship with the family of the child is healing and transformative for everyone involved.

Interested in engaging with the child’s birth family but don’t know where to start? 

Meet one-on-one with a fellow foster, adoptive, or kinship caregiver who has successfully included the child’s family while caring for their children. 

Things to know about this mentoring program: 

  • The mentor will reach out to you first and schedule an initial meeting to see if it’s a good fit. 
  • Although other caregiving topics may come up, our focus is on providing guidiance, strategies, and encouragement on family engagement. 
  • Mentors do not replace others who are involved in the case, like the case manager/ case worker. Mentors can help guide mentees on what to ask professionals. 

Contact with questions.

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