Maintaining a Relationship with Parents

Compassion Note:

It is important to recognize our biases around our own experience and how we think families should function. We should avoid judgment about why the family is involved with the child welfare system and do our best to support a reunification plan. There is a lot of misinformation about families involved in the CPS system. Most families will not present any type of threat to caregivers and will most likely welcome your outreach and compassion. This is important to keep in mind as you continue building a relationship with parents. 

The following resources provide strategies and tips for maintaining a relationship with the family after you first meet or speak to them.

Resources to maintain a relationship with Parents:

Video Resources

Strategies for Successful Visits with Parents


Caregivers discuss strategies that worked well in visitations and other interactions with parents.

Ways to Keep Parents in The Loop About Their Child

Caregivers discuss strategies that keep parents actively engaged in their child’s life.

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